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Seen To Be Seeing The number seven illuminated by a bright light, there’s something extraordinary about the number seven 09/18/2010

7. A VOICE DECLARING: SINGAPORE IS BEING DEPLORED, the island country of Singapore on the map(see September 11th attacks, see terrorist cells being deplored.) 10/10/2001

From A Painting In The Dark, The RAM…

A Voice Declaring: "Two weeks and seven years," a divine countdown, unto the fulfillment of all things biblical and prophetic again on the map 07/29/2008 (see Russia and Georgia, a prelude to end time world wars)
A Voice Declaring: “In thirty nine and a half weeks, you’ll be dead, a strange form, even a deadly time table again on the map 03/07/2010 A Voice Declaring: December 18th, there’s something about the date, December 18th miraculously on the calendar, the map 03/07/2010 (see the space between March 7th and December 18th
A Voice Declaring: “Tell us, when shall these things be?” Another form of inquiring of specific time, even biblical time tables on the map 03/08/2010

The Shepherd Song, the Communicator
A Writing In The Dark

Knowing, The Things Which Shall Be 05/07/2010

-So knowing what I know; how do you tell the earth of man their world as they’ve known it, as of December 18th 2010 will come to an end. It’s true the Heavenly Host has been telling us this world would end since the first Adam, that our time here, our lives, lands and churches are all borrowed from the loan of God’s given grace. Truly if you’ve up to this very hour failed to believe then I contend that is between you and your God, your father which is Satan, the instrument of lies and deception. Hence if this December date is factual, and I’m most assured it is, then mankind continuation here will only get worse. Trials and tribulations like I said before in the late eighties and nineties will become more and more prevalent until living here is unbearably taxing and deadly.
-Those setting and breaking reports in ways unrealizable for now, it’s all purpose that you believe His prophet yes, but you’re to believe His word, and Christ Lord Jesus first. Like I wrote in a letter to President Bush in 2003, I told him how astronomical forms of trials and tribulations were coming, that if you’re a hundred or more years old, you would’ve seen nothing like it. Simply know for a certainty and for always until Jesus Christ ascend from heaven with the redeemed saints at His side, and the Armies of Heaven in His marshal, nothing on this earth. Well to be completely honest, everything isn’t going to be alright, America and all other nations of the free world fate is and has been for two thousand years described in Revelations 17, 18 chapters.
-The world wide destruction of commerce, of Religion, of inconceivable manners of whoredom and literally indescribable abominations. Of manslaughter and massacred of human life, and oh how they’ve persecuted and executed in ways most horrid the testaments and testimonials of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is where the Living Word of God exclaims how every knee shall bow, how every mouth shall confess. I can’t help but think of the Ten Commandments the movie, when Pharaoh told his wife, Moses God is God. This is what all saints of every nation; kingdom, tribe and tribulation have on their side, an Almighty God, the Armies of Heaven fighting on and for their divine cause, O Happy Day, O Happy Deity.

The Lord is a man of war, the Lord is his name…Exodus 15

Then shall the Lord go forth and fight against those nations, as when he fought in the day of battle Zech. 14

Whom the Lord shall consume with the sword of his mouth and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming II Thess. 2

Don’t You Be No Fool!

-It’s been a while since I’ve seen him, but while I was growing up I had this cousin we called, Litty, Bitty, his name was Hoover Herbert Jr. In that time he was considered to be severely retarded. Litty, Bitty would have seizures that didn’t make him collapse onto the ground into massive forms of spasms or convulsions, but he would suddenly take out in a violent sprint, and someone would have to run and catch him before he would get into traffic and meet with a tragic end.
-Litty bitty wasn’t that nice to me and my siblings, if he caught us out alone, or just the two of us, he would fight us and take our candy and such. Because of his mental retardation he only had two or more phrases he would suddenly burst out and say, one of those phrases was “DON”T YOU BE NO FOOL.” He would poke you in the shoulder with his shoulder, along a weird laugh and just break out and say, ‘hey, Don’ You be no fool.”
-Jesus Christ said something similar after the disciples asked him, to tell them, when would the end time be, what would be the sign of his coming, and of the end of the world? Then Jesus responded, take heed let no man deceived you.” (Don’t You Be No Fool.)

Seen to be seeing Satanic and Demonic forms of destroying crystal skies, an astronomical fall of crystal skies remarkably, and frightfully on the map 03/18/2010

Truly it’s a hard thing trying to tell people so engrossed, so entirely cemented in worldly lives, religion, politics, and educational and financial endeavors that an end. As so how a divine culmination has come upon the very four corners of every bit of everything they trust, honor and obey as life, achievement, rest and longevity. Approaching with an all out purpose that God’s Kingdom, as so those heir accordingly by Jesus Christ cross, will reign on this planet and earth. It’s heavens all made new by a performance of God the Apostle Peter describes as the present earth, heaven and the elements thereof, therein all passing away with a great noise.
How the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up. Wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat? Nevertheless, this great Apostle continues, we, according to his promise, look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness. How despite mankind’s all out plan for this world, even this planet, God the Creator/Father/Savior has a plan all His own and it shall all begin with the destruction of the wealth of the wicked, (those unrepentant). See Psalm 37

A Voice Declaring: “I will bring it all to waste, bringing an end to mankind’s kingdoms mightily on the map 03/02/2009
Do You Believe In God?

An AOL poster asked just recently whether or not the people in the AOL Believer’s board believed in God? One of the posters responded by saying, “there’s just no way to prove there’s a God above all others.” I beggar to differ, you see though God forewarn this would happen whenever mankind is to change the truth of God (Christ’s Gospel), into a lie, worshipping the creature more than the Creator. Truly out of all the things of God mankind of every nation, kingdom, tongue and people have abandon unto absolutely heinous forms of religion, even monstrous principalities. There’s this one truth of God from the first Adam unto present-day second Adam and redeemer they’ve stayed completely faithful to. This one absolute proof that God is God and there’s none above Him, make a joyful noise unto Him accordingly, and that’s biblical prophecy fulfilling.
They cannot, none of them ever or ever to come can go out of the boundaries of God’s prophecies, the anti-Christ, despite how he’s the greatest evil of mankind ever, he has 42 months, that’s three and one half years to rule, no more, no less. Regardless of what the seer see and report back, apostles, prophets, evangelists, menservants, handmaidens, children and grandchildren, the Supreme God is the only. He’s the single mediator who from the dispensation of innocence to the winding down of the dispensation of grace at present, He plainly get exactly what He want. Justly he’s the single most authority with wherewithal power to bring all things to pass, from the fall of Ancient Egypt, to the decimation of the Roman Empire. As so to the unremitting collapse of this inconceivable, quite phenomena technical age, the Supreme Father alone is this solitary commander and chief who is, was and is to come for all eternity.
I again contend His being God, there being a God, one so longsuffering toward us He has allowed the deadliest, most monstrous, most evil formation of mankind ever, Mystery Babylon, (worldwide Religion, Commerce and Politics). This great whore and abominations of the earth to torture, mutilate, and slaughter billions, all that one day a believing class of the lineage of Adam (man) would reign with Him forever. It is because He is God, that there is as God, that mankind down through the ages to December 18th 2010 at present. Have they cleaved so completely adamant to what the arch-angel Gabriel in 2004 declared as the fulfillment of all things earth, mankind and biblical prophecy. Nothing of His promises and prophecies ever returning unto Him void, as He alone is God, Jesus Christ would then say, remember, return, and repent or like millions gone before, perish.

And I Gave Some Apostles, Prophets

-A Voice Declaring: "We Will Build An Ark," there's something about America, about mankind being brought to the brink of extinction where millions will perish on the map 10/15/2008 (see Revelation, Armageddon).

Since the early eighties where in a vision I witness the smoke of America burning, as so a manner of nationwide destruction. Harrowing events that can only be described as something right out of Prophet Jeremiah’s book of lamentation, I knew America would by her enemies be destroyed mostly by fire. Doing the Bush administration I looked into a dream whereas I saw a flame from prison walls like a sword target this President, or plainly this nation of America. This is what Jeremiah 37:8 is about, I was captured into a dreamscape 1998/99, neither conscious nor unconscious when I saw passing before my eyes the name Jeremiah and the scripture 37:8. I didn’t know it then, truly wondered what this had to do with anything, but later I would learn like they’d done to King Zedekiah of Jeremiah’s day. Evenly to Saddam, at present day, this forewarning was about how America and her allies would be overtaken by the very enemy mostly and assuredly wounded by them, both an Arab/Asian invasion.

And The Chaldeans (opposers) shall come again, and fight against this city, and take it and burn it with fire Jer. 37:8 (see Sept 11th attacks, terrorist relentless attempts)

What better way to destroy what God defines as the greatest abomination of mankind’s kingdoms since Noah’s earth and Sodom and Gomorrah combine, simply because they’ve forsaken God. It’s true I believe what the Apostle Peter is describing here, and what is being described to the Apostle John, the destruction of Mystery Babylon, modern day Nations of men is two completely separate events. John is being shown the destruction of Mystery Babylon, Mystery Babylon is what the Roman Empire down through the millennium has metamorphosed into, and why America or other free world nations with greatly known names were never mention in biblical prophecy. Though this is the complete annihilation of the free world, it’s the beginning of the ten heads of Islam, and a final new world order upon which three and a half years therein, the great man of sin, of anti-god and anti-Christ ever will emerge as well some forty two months.
Peters prediction is the burnings up of present day formations as this burning will make them all anew, purge them of all unworthiness, all filthiness and impurities. This will include the earth at present, the first heaven, even parts of the universe, this mean the world to come, even the man redeemed by the blood of the God’s Lamb. How it will all far surpass in words and descriptions anything past or at present as there can never again be any disintegration. Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart believe this will happen only as all people are taken from the earth, clearly the only time all human life will be taken from the earth will be doing the great white throne judgment. All the dead will be called forth unto this judgment seat, and the entire Heavenly Host, including the now redeemed Church Bride will all be in attendance. This time, with the exception of the first Adam’s fall, this very hour unlike any ever before, will be the saddest of Heaven, Earth and Mankind.

A Pale, Infested With Fleas Horse

A Voice Declaring: “We’re In a Death Wednesday, “(see Catch 22), the phrase, the forewarning, the especially comment of pending harm, even death miraculously on the map 05/08/2010

In the year, month and day of our Lord, December 25th 2001, as I looked into dreams and visions upon my head, I was given what would become known as the Intrepid Dream. It was doing this dream I saw what could only be explained as the judgment not so much of nations, as Jesus will do this when he come. No, what I saw had to be the judgment of Mystery Babylon, as recorded in revelation 17th 18th chapters, simply this combustible disintegration of worldwide economies, religion and politics. It’s the precise falling away the Apostle Paul says has to happen before the great gathering of saints is come. This initial coming to nothing happens so suddenly, one moment I was driving a New Intrepid automobile through vast wilderness of modern day innovations. As so the next moment I was standing before a weigh scale being weighed in at 190 months. That’s fifteen years and ten months before everything we know as America, as the free world is all setback for hundreds of years by Damater, wars and disease.

Just as so in the month of March as I was sitting watching TV, watching American Idol to be exact, I plainly, simply asked the Holy Spirit, when will all this come to an end, you know, ‘thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.’ Now remember they’d already given me one time table, eight years had expired, with seven years belonging to a New World Order. Frankly, I showed interest in God’s kingdom coming simply because it alone will bring an end to the wicked, evil and most perverse world at present, all the stealing, killing and destroying. Believe me, it wasn’t so much what I was asking with my mouth, but you must know, it was where my heart was at the time. It was a few days later, March 7th to be exact was when a voice declaring and I quote “in thirty-nine and a half weeks, you’ll be dead.”
I laid there momentarily, thought about what was said, I turn to my night stand, found pen and paper wrote what I heard down and went back to sleep. It wasn’t long before I heard an additional voice declare December 18th, again I wrote this date down and wouldn’t investigate it any further until I was out of bed. Just like the Intrepid dream when I was being weighed, it wasn’t about me, but the person, the nation I represented. Clearly so in this dream, it wasn’t about me, but about the people, The nation, even the world I represent. When I rose that morning and thought about calculating this figure, truly enough, from March 7th to December 18th there’s exactly thirty-nine and a half weeks.
As always, despite the fact they’ve been dealing with me in this manner for over twenty years, I was yet astonished that thirty-nine and a half weeks from the very day they gave me this vision, would expire December 18th. They could’ve easily simply given me this date, but to stay true to biblical prophecy they wanted to give me this calculation dealing in weeks. This mean the time table given in December
2001, that a great portion of it would expire on December 18th 2010. You may ask, what shall it be? Or why don’t I simply ask the Holy Spirit? I don’t have to ask Him, Elohim have this habit of revealing things to me as they see fit. Though if I had to guess, the Intrepid Dream, timetable was about the fall of Mystery Babylon, (Of the world’s economy and commerce), if this is the same clock then nothing has changed, unable to return to the Supreme Father void, Mystery Babylon fall as of December 18th 2010, has come.

And When The Seventh Shall Begin To Sound

A Voice Declaring: “New Order,” there’s something about a new order of all things on the map, a new earth, a new man, a new earthly paradise, all on the map 05/09/2010

In the year of our Lord 2004, the Archangel Gabriel came down from heaven to me, the same one who’d appeared to Jesus’ aunt Elizabeth, John The Baptist mother, the same one who’d appeared to Jesus’ mother, Mary, that he’s to explain Jesus’ conception and birth. The identical one who’d appeared to the prophet Daniel some five hundred years prior that he was to comprehend the rise of the Anti-Christ. This historic messenger of heaven’s throne message to me was first that I’m to understand how "the fulfillment of ALL THINGS was upon mankind." As so was there something about the seventh angel, something about, she’s coming, or she’s going with the seventh angel. When the prophet Daniel was given end time prophecies he was told to seal the book for said prophecies wouldn’t be for a time, time and half, and knowledge, like that soaring at present would increase. We didn’t know it at the time, but this time, time and a half turn out to be two thousand and five hundred years, which has totally expired.
Just as so, when John the revelator was shown climatic forms of end-time events, he was told to open the book, for the time was at hand, some two thousand plus years has since passed. Now with both of these time tables expiring, when the arch angel Gabriel appeared stating how the fulfillment of all things is upon mankind. This is exactly what is being declared behind the seventh angel, this is to mean, this generation at present, will not pass away until the totality of biblical prophecy is totally fulfilled. This is what Jesus meant in his description of end times to inquiring disciples, after he told them about a world in turmoil unprecedented, he then went on to explain. Sincerely he told them the generation in which these types of cataclysmic disasters would perform themselves simultaneously with no end in sight, deadly wars from man, deadly disasters from Damater (earth), and soon NEO’s.
These world disasters that will no longer only scratch the surface of our skies but bring unparalleled death, dying and destruction, that an asteroid event is possibly what’s to destroy Mystery Babylon (the free world) so exact, and without warning. One moment we’re on top of the world, the next we’re completely under it, screaming and lamenting for our lives, peace and safety. I can’t express it more, how presently and without further delay what has been prophesied for centuries regarding the end of the times, man, his kingdoms and nation building has as I write this come to complete fulfillment. The smoke of America burning in 1984, The Death Rider vision of 1997, wars on American soil with Arab and Asian enemies, 1998The Intrepid Dream and fall of mystery Babylon 2001, the Archangel Gabriel forewarning 2004 unto the final time table of the Free world fall December 2010.
To be honest once the church is taken out, (only he who now let, will let, until he be taken out of the way and then shall the end come). Truthfully, any human being living upon this earth once the church bride is taken out will do it by trials and tribulation horribly and unthinkably perilous. Hundreds of millions will die, men, women, children and all, and some by torture vehicles so unspeakable Hitler’s Germany will pale in any comparison, I assure you. I know those of you at present can’t find anything worthwhile of Christ’s attending church-bride, how you make mockery of everything she believe, teach and preach. Remember I’m not talking about religion, those who drove the nails, but those who cried hallelujah to the Supreme father whenever they were found worthy to suffer, even die for him. Even as they die for you, that you know the truth as well, it’s hard to imagine one human being suffering forever with Satan, the failed Anti-Christ and False Prophet in hell.

A Clock Of Years Ticking Not Forward But Backward

There’s something about having a memorial party, celebration of the dead strangely on the map 03/08/2010

You have to understand we’re talking about two time tables here, there’s the one given the prophet Daniel concerning the people of Israel,70 weeks of years. That’s four hundred and ninety years to make an end of sin, to anoint the most holy, and bring in everlasting righteousness. This clock stopped exactly seven years before it's fulfillment and haven’t as yet started again, in totally regards to Christ’s cross. Now when Jesus was crucified, this Israeli time table skewed along an additional time table (line), the one whereas the prophet Daniel was given surrounding the Gentiles, this times, times and a half was so the Gentiles would as well bring an end to sin. Both the Jew and the Gentile reconciliation can be realized through Christ’s bloody cross and extraordinary resurrection, if only they believe and receive.
Seemingly now, as of December 25th 2001, these mandated by God time tables skewed additionally becoming one proposed clock of years with 190 months to spare. This would mean as of Christmas 2001 both the Jew and the Gentile, equally the sons of Isaac and the sons of Ismail were given exactly 15.10 years to bring an end to sin, (recognize Jesus as Lord and savior), nine of the years representing Mystery Babylon will expire December 2010, with seven specific years belonging entirely to the end of the age at present. I know you’ve heard all of this from this end-time Apostle before, for the last twenty years to be exact. Though simply because I exist, The Rising Above Ministry (RAM), that from day one they’ve called me Apostle. That they have from God’s throne in heaven, as so to Christ’s Cross on this earth, to God’s living word and living Holy Spirit treated me accordingly, should be this greatest testament He is a God who changes not, whose promised word (prophecies) will never, ever return unto him void.
As you can see, God seeming unending pause to come and save the believers from so long a death as this wicked earth at present was never about awaiting mankind’s repentance. All this time it was about certain timetables and time-clocks which had to be fulfilled, truly which part of the archangel Gabriel coming to me, appearing to me don’t you guys understand? Out of twenty four elders it was the prophet Ezekiel, out of all the archangels, it was Gabriel who was appointed to this task, as though I’m from heaven they know me and I know them. I just don’t know what else God can do to convince you how never since the days of Noah has mankind’s continuation been in and at so much peril. Many people are going to die yes, this is totally unavoidable with the heavens and earth exploding apart, out, under. Though remember, he saved Noah and his family out, as so did he save Abraham and his nephew out, as so with Mystery Babylon judgment, regardless of the Rapture, believers are encouraged to get out.
It is now we know that regarding biblical prophecy a huge chunk of it is going to be fulfilled on December 18th 2010, although I would more than love for this to be the day of the great gathering of saints. I looked into a dream a few years ago where I saw the redeemed saints shooting like rockets from the earth into the heavens above. I saw this remarkable cloud become fat and even fatter with every saint that came bursting in. This was the type of Christ I saw exactly twenty three springs ago, his arms and hands reached toward me, me as the church-bride. He spoke three times to say come, as the prophet Malachi described of him, he had huge wings for healing stretched out to each of sides. The trumpet shall sound, the archangel will make a trumpet and a noise and in less than second we’ll be gone. Although there’s no way of knowing when this day will be, just that it’s to be a day of mind and soul boggling jubilee, hurry Lord Jesus Christ and get us all the victory.
I’m not the only one that has seen America die in a blaze of glory and hallelujahs to God at mankind’s greatest deceiver and detriment since the serpent in the Garden of Eden is passed away forever. There will be no safe haven here, which is why I’ve been seeing various forms of Exodus out of this country since the late eighties, how I teased when Barack Obama was only a Presidential nominee. In an even way I teased how God was looking for a type of Moses to again set his people free from this lying murderer. Hence, I looked in a dream some years back, in the dream I was approached upon, this person plainly said, He want to see you, and I responded who and he said Him and just as soon I saw light in brightness of the sun move from behind a mountain which declared “Let My People Go!”

A Person, an Angel declaring: “He want to talk to you, I declared who?" "Him the voice declared, when a light in brightness of the sun appeared from behind a mountain declared "Let My People Go." There's about God hearing the cries of his people, about Moses, an Exodus, even the ten plagues of Egypt all on the map 06/17/2002

What am I saying? I’m saying get out, get out of this country as far southeast as your finances will allow. You may say why southeast? Then I’ll say because in an extensive dream about three years ago the Holy Spirit broke both my back and my neck. How they severely and violently spin me around while sitting behind the steering wheel in my car from the direction of southwest I was going, to the direction of Southeast. Not only so, I’d had dreams a few months prior whereas I saw this young lady floating and peddling along flood waters whereas she summoned me along this same direction.
Though this I know for a certainty, neither the west, north or east will be a safe haven as they will be the least spared, this momentous event isn’t simply to be an invasion and capture, but like with Ezekiel’s Judah, there’s to be a complete destruction of America, even Western Societies, it isn’t to be seen, heard or recognized no longer. Believe this Apostle, this nation and other nations of the free world when they’ve lost what they believe is the most astonishing hope ever granted mankind, the American Dream.
Unmistakably there’s going to be a pandemonium unspeakable throughout this nation, and this world. I know specialist warn how the best things to do in case of this country’s complete destruction, how we’re to most of all get out of large cities, when actually, we’re to completely get out of this country. These truths so reads the lamentation of Revelation the 18th chapter regarding the largest part of present-day systems like America, like worldwide commerce falling. I told my husband just a few weeks ago, that when America like at present become more of a liability to her allies than a asset then failed policies and partnerships will more and more become this growing threat, even a military threat. Judah of Ezekiel’s day thought God would never allow her enemies to overthrow her, their not realizing their enemies with power to war against them was God’s vengeance against them being all the more realized, beware, repent.
I know this Apostle for twenty years now has fanaticized over an African Juttah, a twenty year extension of grace realized as the African continent is transformed by God’s amazing grace into an Eden paradise. As so Mega ships on seas as this escape, pretty much what I’ve been sharing with you in these boards the last ten years, as so on the internet for the last decade or more and what was recently portrayed in the 2009, 2012 movie. I know, I’m now seeking reprisal for their unauthorized use of my, of The Rising Above Ministry (RAM), work. Yeah the same work everybody pretty much laughed at, the majority but truly the most phenomena turning point of the blockbuster movie. Mega ships on water, Africa the only safe haven, was created as part of my fictional story Preece Ebonee Be’le, The African Juttah, in 1989-1996.
Regardless, it’s time to heed the greatest end of the world forewarning given by God to especially his people of Faith and righteousness. That you’re to come out of Mystery Babylon, worldwide religion, commerce and politics, how you’re to no longer be a part of her sins. How her sins (great abominations) have reached unto God, so much so He remembers her iniquities, that He’s too at present destroy her and all those in bed (in agreement) with her. Once God’s vengeance is poured out, death angels like portrayed in Ezekiel the 9th chapter will be loosed into the land, and all that’ll be left of the American Dream is this magnetized paper Mache to be hanged on a refrigerator.
Many people are going to die, I have reason to believe millions will die in America alone as these prearranged assassins have sacrifice of all human life and not mercy. If you’ve never heeded a Rising Above Ministry (RAM) message before, hear this Apostle now, because exactly what is happening in our country, the failing bank, housing sector and economy, even in our world now. This Arab/Asian enemy and wars in the middle east, soon wars on American soil, this was all given to me in the late nineties were once gravely desired treasures became so worthless they couldn’t, even wouldn’t be given way.

How is the gold become dim! How is the most fine gold changed! The stones of the sanctuary are poured out in the top of every street. Lam. 4:1

That you be aware, that you be born again, that you know an Apostle of Jesus Christ is among you. As to pluck Ambers from the burning, take heed that no man deceive you, Apb, The Rising Above Ministry (RAM).

Prophecy Link

-Seen to be seeing rushed drivers risking their lives, their children lives by perilous flood waters up to eight, even ten feet or more 11/05/2009
-Seen to be climbing up and staying on roof top to escape explosive flood waters 10/26/2009
There’s something about having a memorial party, celebration of the dead strangely on the map 03/08/2010 -There’s something about the Jackson Five song, ‘Never Can Say Goodbye,” the lyrics never can say goodbye on the map 03/08/2012 -Seem to be running and hiding for our lives, running and hiding to save live mightily on the map 03/08/2010

Climbing Up To The Roof

A Voice Declaring: Climb Up To The Roof Top, you got four hours, another, more strange matter of getting to the rooftop, of climbing up to safety on the map 03/06/2010
Revelation Speaks:

And He Saith Unto Me, seal not the prophecy of this book, for the time is at hand. He that is unjust ,let him be unjust still, and he which is filthy that him be filthy still, and he that righteous let him be righteous still, and he that is holy, let him be holy still Rev. 22:11...The End

For Salvation Pray: I’m sorry Lord God, forgive me for my sins, wash me and cleanse me and then, by Jesus Christ receive me into thy glory again.

The Jackson Five: I Never Can Say Goodbye, 1971

Hurry Lord Christ, Prince of Peace, and get us the Victory

A Ministry Above

A Nova

A nova (pl. novae) is a cataclysmic nuclear explosion caused by the accretion of hydrogen onto the surface of a white dwarf star, which ignites and starts nuclear fusion in a runaway manner. Novae are not to be confused with supernovae or luminous red novae.

A white dwarf can potentially generate multiple novae over time as additional hydrogen continues to accrete onto its surface from its companion star. An example is RS Ophiuchi, which is known to have flared six times (in 1898, 1933, 1958, 1967, 1985, and again in 2006). Eventually, the white dwarf could explode as a type Ia supernova if it exceeds the Chandrasekhar limit.
Occasionally a nova is bright enough and close enough to be conspicuous to the unaided eye. The brightest recent example was Nova Cygni 1975. This nova appeared on August 29, 1975 in the constellation Cygnus about five degrees north of Deneb and reached magnitude 2.0 (nearly as bright as Deneb). The most recent was V1280 Scorpii which reached magnitude 3.7 on February 17, 2007.

An Aol Poster Reponded

I really would like to know. Where do you see yourself at the end of all this devastation? Will you, due to your superior knowledge and foresight, walk away unharmed? As you do so, will you give a backwards glance of compassion in the general direction of those less fortunate? Just wondering.

On second thought, I'd like to restate that in terms you're more likely to understand.

Here they are,

F... you. I don't mean that in an absolute sense. I'm not an absolutist. I mean F... You merely to the extent you would F... Me, and every other human on planet Earth. The degree of absolutism involved is entirely up to your own personal conscience.

Apostle Bradford Response

Wow, are we allowed to use such language in these boards? Biblical prophecy and seeing gifts goes back to the first prophet ever Samuel. The question you ask here is why the prophet Isaiah ask the question, who shall believe our report and to whom is the arm (will, purpose) of the Lord revealed?
In other words I've shared with you nothing that haven't been prophesied for over two thousand years now, I've on my own seen nothing, experienced nothing and thus on my own witness nothing but things by divine Holy Spirits I've seen and heard. I'm certain many people thought Jesus Christ was a self promoter, how he claim to be the Son of God and how his being God's only begotten Son did he then have certain powers and or authority.
You must realize the seer only have the power and authority to speak or witness to that given to them of Supreme Gods, only the Supreme God himself has the wherewithal to bring these things to pass. I'm nothing, and live and exist in the flesh only by the faith of the son of God who love me and gave himself for me. Please don't hate, mock or kill the messenger, I share these things with you for the express reason the Heavenly Host share them with me, because I love you and would rather you be aware than deceived.
Now as far as where I'm going to be when this entire country and world come to complete, utter devastation, to be sincere that's in God's hand. Clearly if I trust Him with my immortal soul, surely I can trust Him with my temporal existence here. Though we the saints are admonished to pray that we're found worthy, that's worthy to by Christ Jesus' cross, to escape, lest as the Supreme Father described again by the prophet Isaiah, how we're to forget the righteous is taken out of the evil to come.'
You think God send his only begotten to put on sin who knew no sin, to thus enter into the Holy place to offer up not the blood of goats or bullocks, to again make a bloody sacrifice unforeseen of himself so He God could then kill you? Both God and the Heavenly Host sacrifice of Jesus Christ was so you would live. It was so mankind could thrown off the cloak of sin and for all eternity reign as the sons of God. So that you could by God's Christ be made the righteousness of God, and fellow heir to His Kingdom with Jesus the Christ. This is why this Christ Lord Jesus came crying aloud, sparing not, repent Ye! For the Kingdom of God, God's reign on earth as in heaven is at hand. Beware, believe, be born again, Apb, The R.A.M.

For without controversy, great is the mystery of godliness, God was manifested in the flesh, justified in the spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into Glory...I Timothy 3:16...For God So Loved The World...John 3:16

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Drone Wars

A Voice Declaring: “Get Beyond the Pension, (temporal, even catastrophic lives, lands and churches), get to the hills!” 09/04/2002
A Voice Declaring: They’re dying because of the holocaust, a future holocaust claiming millions on the map 6/09/2002
A Voice Declaring: “I will kill everything boldly and necessarily,” the great day of his wrath upon the map 03/27/2004
A Voice Declaring: “I Will Lay It All To Waste,” the winepress/wrath of God mightily on the map 04/13/08

The Mideast, Pakistani Intel: U.S. Missile Strike Kills 23, published June 08, 2011, Associated Press

Turf/Drone Wars

And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard, as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four beasts saying, Come and see. And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.
And when he had opened the second seal, I heard the second beast say, Come and see. And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.

Are American Bombs The Smartest Of Them All? Apb... 06/08/2011

-I know the Christ Lord forewarn how especially in these last days there would be wars and rumors of wars, that I was having visions and dreams about what is now defined as wars on terrorism since the late nineties. As so was I forewarn through the scripture Jeremiah 37:8 how this would be an unconquerable foe, that the more they’re killed and maimed, the more empowered they become, why, for we’re not simply wrestling against flesh and blood, but divine fulfillment. How just before the initial war in Afghanistan I received a word of knowledge crying aloud, sparing not “pray for all human beings at the wailing wall,” without hesitation you know this is Holy Spirit, and not hatred and malice. The Holy Spirits knew America was going to war, they knew if and when America goes to war many people, millions will die. The actuality is mankind’s kingdoms cannot strive, they cannot prosper or flourish except by blood, hence, the change President Bush and now President Obama, as so allying nations want to bring upon the world can only come by shedding of blood, but it’s ok, right? It’s the enemy’s blood.
-Sorrowfully this is why so many famed spiritual leaders support this supposedly war on terrorism, how they argue and justify for these apparent inhumanity to man because war on another’s soil is better then sacrificing the America dream, millions, to billions have for centuries died, is dying for. Though it’s again all justified, because it’s all done on the premise and promise of peace, this what the European man has done all his days made war or made peace from war. This rider John saw, having a bow but no arrow, doesn’t mean he won’t kill, but that he kill for peace and not war, this of course make him more dangerous. That’s more deadly than all supposedly tyrants and terrorist gone before because his kills, even by the millions, this insurmountable bloodshed is all clarified and defensible by terrorist plotting. So much so the free world become literally numb to all the death and dying, even worse they become extremely self righteousness, meaning they nor their vindicated leaders can then do no wrong.
-So much so manslaughter isn’t the taking of human life at all but a tool for peacekeeping, only Arab and non-Christian leaders commit manslaughter, only Arab and non-Christian leaders commit pandemics, and genocide. This is why in Mystery Babylon’s cup is the blood of the slain, the martyred if we’re to measure America’s weight of blood-guiltiness what measure would it mete? A few years ago I described this to the Father and I said, “if you don’t stop her, America, this unforeseen for the most greediest, spoil, most gluttony people on this planet thirst for blood. This wicked going after strange flesh and abomination of the earth, if you don’t hinder her, if you don’t get in her way, she will gravely decimate for and on the premise of peace the entire wailing wall (human race of seekers). When I forewarn this of the Supreme Father I totally and completely believed it as America, like all world nations, kingdoms are only a replica of their lying, whorish, murderous mother, again, Mystery Babylon, the great harlot and atrocities of the earth whose highly distinguished rebellion sorely beckons the Supreme Father to wrath.
-As I was growing up in Christ, I listen to the teachings of Jimmy Swaggart most of all, he and his panel of men then (1986), he and his panel of men now (2011). Not so much now, but then I had an ear that lean on most of what this man said, I believed as he believed, I’m the Apostle I am in Christ because of it. This particular study this morning in memory he was teaching on King David the warmonger, and how he’d laid his enemy to bear, that he’d fought and gain land mass far and wide, and many people had died. I didn’t know this then but as the Holy Spirit give me comprehension to see this post through, you’re now to see. When we supposedly fight for God we think we’re completely justified, though there’s one thing you’re not to consider, every ounce of human blood spilled on this planet friend or foe will have to be avenged by God, it’s described , this pouring out of God’s wrath, in Revelation as the winepress of God, even more described as the length of the horses bridle.
-That’s get even every bit and bridle of blood spilled, no it is not freely ours to take, it is true blood guiltiness is by Christ’s cross for the repentant at heart and soul forgiven but this in no way justifies the taking of human life. If you sow man’s blood, you will reap the corruption and the death penalty of spilling man’s blood. In other words every time you take a life, you’re in every event saying this person blood be upon you and your house, your nation, and people. This is why biblically, scripturally and wholeheartedly, thou shalt not kill, evidently because of the divine consequences its’ to here warrant. This truth is at the root of the extraordinary price the Savior of this world, Jesus paid, that whosoever believeth in him (remember, return, repent) wouldn’t die, but would have everlasting life. It’s rather that you instead die, best having given your life over to Jesus Christ, you know he saving his life (the American Dream) losing it. This mean an eternal lost, second death, damnation, though he losing his life for Jesus Christ sake, saving it forevermore.
-This is where we hear the revelations of Christ crying aloud, sparing not, “blessed are the dead who die in the lord Jesus Christ, I mean by a curse of death we’re all dead but those in Christ Jesus are the blessed dead, who will one day REST from their labors (curse) and their works do follow them.” There is no rest here accept in Christ Jesus, this genuine peace of heart, every given moment in this nation, and world people are running and hiding and avoiding, sometimes multiple pending events of disaster. Those staged not only to take life, but peace and relaxation, even peace of mind and soul, Jesus promised us this. That although he promised abundant life, he promised we’re to be overcome of this world’s nature regarding tribulation, that only as we learn to rest in him, will we find the abundant life, by his bloody cross granted us from Him. Despite how high and mighty beyond the heavens, earth and God’s throne the American Dream, it’s still only a stunning to covet, artificial loan, it’s still a curse of death and judgment.
-As Jimmy Swaggart’s expounded upon the moral of this lesson, how King David had become such the warmonger, a thirst for blood that he didn’t want to stop. That he wanted to grab more land, he would kill more of his enemies and God the Supreme was telling him no, no more, that enough was enough. He went on to tell about a dream King David or one of his soldier’s had, they saw an angel, in heavens with a sword in hand over the nation, that just after this vision some 70,000 of King David men were slain, or died. At any rate it was God displaying his dislike and disagreement with King David inability to withdraw, to even retreat from the slaughter of human life. You see this is what successful wars do to men, it make them land and blood thirsty monsters with much disregard friend or foe toward human life. I mean who know whether or not the evildoer will turn again to righteousness, that Jesus has died to give them this opportunity, evidently take his life and frustrate Christ’s Cross.
-This is the teaching I remember when a few years passed I looked into a dream where I saw an angel in the heavens, it had a pitcher in hand and it was pouring water on this country, this world, this planet. It could be any or all of the above, all I know national and international flooding has been unprecedented since. I had to correct a friend years go who was excited about God’s promise of rainbow, I had to remind her, this was God’s promise not to destroy the earth again by flood. That he never said a nation, state, city or province wouldn’t be destroyed by flood. As a matter of fact ancient prophecies I learn just recently that many seers, the Maya, Nostradamus, even the visionary in Leonardo saw a great deluge having part in greatly desolating the present world. That the Maya themselves have an end time prophecy where they saw an angel standing on the top of the earth, bowl in had, pouring water on the earth.
-You see after Noah’s flood the Supreme Father notice one thing in particular, how the earth was destroyed yes, but sin yet remain, thus he decided he would never destroy the world because of sin. Though he would destroy sin out of the world, that he would by fire ( Super Storms, Super-solar flares, Super Nova’s, Super Volcanoes, even Super wars ) destroy, that‘s rid not only this earth, but the entire universe of sin from which the redeem will celebrate new heavens and a new earth, see II Pet. 3:10-13. OF course the question has been raised here whether Drone wars is successful, then the answer is no, drone wars, like all other wars dating back to Noah’s earth, cannot be won. This reality is what is being portrayed behind the second seal, the horse that was red, having a great sword, with power to take peace (The American Dream), from man that they kill one the other. This evident of truth is why there is nothing new under the sun, why man not only don’t change, he can’t change and thus why the Supreme Father. How even His pending judgments are the same today, yesterday and tomorrow, all the more this is why blessed is he who cometh in the name of the lord Father, Jesus Christ, that all heaven and earth will one day, REST!
-This is what the Apostle Paul forewarn of when he remind us we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but powers, and principalities, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wicked-ness in high places, (Satan’s seat, apostate churches, congregations, preachers preaching), easily Satanic, Demonic and Religious/Political rule, the real force, this spirit of discord behind all wars and manslaughter on this planet, all. Remember this is the unholy trinity, a self-styled angel of light and mercy, which hath come but for to steal, kill and destroy, when the Christ Lord coming to sacrifice his own life and blood, hath come that all mankind by a forgiveness and compassion yet except by Christ’s cross unfounded on this planet can instead reconcile themselves back to life, abundant, eternal. It is that crying aloud, sparing not unendingly unto the mount of Olivet, behold I stand at the door (heart’s door) and knock, if any man (nation, kingdom, tongue), will open the door to me, behold I will come in to him, and sup (befriend) with him and he with me.
-No this second seal rider is proof positive how truly satanic and demonic all slaughter of human life is, and with his demonic interference man will never seek peace but war. Assuredly it’s won first by killing man, it is just as surely lost by the man that kills, then is that taken constantly sought one to another leading to more killing. This why forgiveness and love rule, why it’s the single remedy, this divine antidote, for as long as we kill, and those we kill avenge it’s blood, this is the unending cycle mankind has been tangled into for many millennium. Sadly the leaders of the free world all to maintain an alleged by insurmountable bloodletting peace are immensely submerged into this thieving lie. One that blood battles to win wars thus the blood thirsty treasures of this world is that mightily edging us on forward toward a blood feud we’re incapable of setting ourselves free from, this vicious, vicious cycle, deemed the Kingdoms of men, even the American Dream.
-I know none here will admit it, but great nations like America exist because Jesus was rejected, refused of man, and crucified, it’s because of genocide, because of worldwide civil and social upheaval, bloddy daggar and all. Like all kingdoms of man it’s by nature evil, rooted and grounded so therein, this mean America, the free world, the religious world and world peace can't co-exist as they’re an enmity one to the other. Riddle me this, why couldn’t the man who build the time machine, why when going back he was unable to save his sweetheart, his long love. They couldn’t exist mutually because her death is why he build the time machine, if she’d not died so horribly, the time machine never would’ve existed.
-Truthfully, if Jesus Christ had never been bruised, rejected and crucified, but instead believed and received by the nation of Israel, it’s religious leaders, the Roman Empire would’ve eventually seceded to Israel, Israel no longer cursed to be trodden down of the gentiles would've been restored to the throne and no Gentile nation beyond the Roman Empire, like Daniel foresaw, would’ve again ruled. Mankind’s kingdom is this wild, dangerous, deadly world, it alone is what has given them place, prestige and overall power. This is why every time they attempt to draft a world peace sudden destruction lies there, right there in the unbalance, debatable heart-blood of it all, stealing, killing and destroying.
-Now unless someone successfully build a time machine and go back and prevent Jesus crucifixion, or the first Adam’s transgression, for this is as far as God’s mercy goes, herein bringing in this world only sustaining world peace God’s reigning kingdom. Though this isn’t possible and we’ve only reaped what the Jews and Gentiles seeming only yesterday, but ancient years ago did sow into the earth, either a blood atonement or a more sustaining blood guiltiness crying aloud, sparing not for days, generations and millenniums without end “his blood be upon us and our children.”
-This is remarkably divine if it’s his reconciling blood that washes away all sin, all transgressions to those who believe, it serves its inconceivable purpose. Though for the unbeliever, those despising and rejecting him still, it’s death yes, as is it appointed to all men to die, but is it as well judgment and the second death. John said and I saw the dead small and great stand before God, and the books were open, and another book was open, which is the book of life, and the dead was judged out of those things which were written in the books according to their works.
-This has never been about mankind on his own bringing in world peace as they’re an enmity one toward the other, this is the great illusionist, this is the thieving lie. No the righteousness of God has always been about mankind by this blood atonement unfounded reconciling himself again by Christ Jesus’s cross. Again redeeming himself only by Christ Jesus’ cross, to God’s Kingdom, bringing an end to sin, resulting in everlasting righteousness and thus everlasting peace. This is the phenomenon that was being demonstrated spring of 1986, whereas I saw the Christ himself ascend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and the trump of God. Three times this Holy Lord told me to come, and three times the prophet Ezekiel opened well-timed doors in God’s kingdom to me. This where we hear the Apostle John prophesying , after this I looked and behold a door was open in heaven, and the first voice which I heard was as it was a trumpet taking with me, which said, come up hither, and I will show you things which must be hereafter. See The Book of Revelation
-I know the vast majority of you don’t believe in a spirit world not realizing if you don’t believe in the spirit world you can’t believe in God, or the kingdom of God, as it is Holy Spirit. You see it isn’t just God’s Kingdom and the kingdom of believing man, but it is the deleterious, all boding evil world of spirits that as well give Christ cross divine merit. This truth as He’s to nail additionally to his bloody cross, leading captivity captived, crying aloud for I’ve overcome the world, Satanic/Demonic and Political rule. Though regardless of immense doubt and unbelief, the beginning of my ministry I looked into a dream whereas my niece Ebony and I were working in the ministry together. In this particular dreamscape I was packing a satchel, making ready to go and visit the people when I was forewarn how there where vicious dogs along the path. Apparently I didn’t care, what I had was mightily valuable to the people so I set out on this journey, just this happy go along out reach. It wasn’t long before I realize it wasn’t just dogs I was to fear, but it was demons, demon dogs I guess and they were set to come after me.
-Just as soon I realized there was this one leader of the pact in particular, giant, forceful, with the body of a bear, I always thought this tall giant of a monster like demon was the one of religion. Of apostate Christianity, it’s Jesus looking and declaring how he knew where Satan’s seat was, how it dwelled right there in the sanctuary of rebellious men. So I ran and when I ran I finally took refuge in a car, it wasn’t just any car it was a red car, red as in blood. When I looked from the window of one side of this car, all I could see was a field and a field after that field, and a field after this one. I saw fields far beyond what my eyes could normally see and they were all littered with bloody, broken, maimed bodies. It was a field of the dead, of all those who’d been slain and devoured by this tremendous beast, called world peace. Still as I turn to looked from the other side I saw what was a dungeon, I realized what was a deep, dark prison, that in this dungeon was there an even greater beast that was to come. I saw how his prison chains slowly and gradually gave him his way and soon I heard a voice say one beast is loosed and another, a greater one was to come.
-I looked still again, and this time I could see my husband coming after me, that together we fought, only together we wedged war against this beast, that only together did we defeat this beast. Though one beast was loosed and another, a greater was to come, this was the lament going on in my head, on and on. Of course right before Saddam was executed I looked into a similar dream, in the dream there was all kind of protest regarding Saddam Husseins filling stations. Then just as soon I saw the rise of two beast, one came up out of the land, and second came out of the sea, and they were great beast, that would harm man in great degree. Then just as soon I stared having dreams about sleeping, drinking and eating, even living with the anti-Christ, how he was the father and I the child, that he like the true Christ wasn’t only a son of father, but a beloved member of the family. The apostle John was shown the rise of two beast, Revelation 13, 14, one from the earth, and one from the sea, one the anti-Christ and the other the false prophet, obviously one local and one a foreigner.
-God’s answer to thousands of years of blood-guiltiness was to become flesh, this lamb of God, and herein through pure blood become a blood sacrifice for us, ideally and without controversy the only blood atonement (Jesus Christ), God will not despised. Though God’s purpose after the unrepentant where this guilt of blood, of iniquity yet remain it will all, and the emphasis is on all , it will all be met with astronomical judgment from God. Believe this Apostle that even as she write this, judgment hath come, whereas millions will perish. Just before the last earthquake in China, Indonesia, and a cyclone in some Asian village far away that buried thousands and thousands of people but especially children, I’d only days, or perhaps a week prior forewarn parents to spend as much quality time with their children as possible. The Holy Spirit went as far as to warn you to get them, your children out of buildings, out of all buildings. I knew when I made this forewarning it wasn’t foreseeable by anyone, how could it be, we’re talking about the American Dream and the American way of life that stretches across all nations, worlds and continents, regardless be ye forewarn additionally.

That you be aware, that you be born again, that you know an Apostle of Jesus Christ is among you. As to pluck Ambers from the burning, take heed that no man deceive you, Apb, The Rising Above Ministry (RAM).
Prophecy Link

-There's something about an invasion, one on American soil, about all preparing for war, for battle, a dangerous fall of peace and safety continuously on the map 06/20/2005, 07/12/2006, 08/15/2007, 10/03/2008, 10/12/2008, 01/09/2010
-Seen to be seeing readied, alert and now fleeing for their lives, for their children lives stampeding people on the map. Seen to be seeing those left behind getting a sharp, painful, very large syringe to the chest, the heart, ending up nothing but a brown paper Mache on the refrigerator, beware 1995, 2003, 2005, 2007, 03/27/2009
-There's something about the most Special Couple of all (see Jesus and the Church bride) taking precedence over the residing presidential couple (the Obamas). About a vicious, deadly, even demonic manner of resistance 05/17/2010
-There's something about bomb threats, explosions and being taken captive, something about using a lengthy strand of hair to measure all the death, dying and gore 05/19/2010 (see Rev. 14:17-20, God's wrath, six feet, see unprecedented tribulation).
-There's something about a brand new Whitehouse, how glorious, magnificent unto a number measure measuring 15%, see fifteen percent of the world's population 05/19/2010

For Salvation Pray: I’m sorry Lord God, forgive me for my sins, wash me and cleanse me and then, by Jesus Christ receive me into thy glory again.

Listening To Selah: I Surrdener All

Hurry Lord Christ, Prince Of Peace, and get us the Victory

A Ministry Above

Monday, May 9, 2011

Temple Worship

You Just entered the African Juttah 2020
By: Patricia A. Bradford, Apostle
Wr. 1992-1996
The Exodus

THE UNENDING LOVE ANTEDOTE ... And these are the descendants of the beauty rescued from the hands of the beast: The African Juttah 2012

“This is London Peterson reporting and what you are seeing is the enormous blaze behind a massive, massive explosion here at Rinnah temple were hundreds of students from various high schools have been left so unprepared as well many are believed dead.“ “I'm even more horrified to report things just as horrendous is happening to various other Nupital Temples,” as one checking her list was she moments earlier too overwhelmed emotionally to make this report. "At this location south, we have the Temple Rinnah, The Temple of Syracuse on the north, the Temple of Onam on the east and the Melech Temple on the west all suffering identical attacks.“

Temple Worship

-As I was reading in my pretend work, Beast Of Beauty, wr. 1992-1996, so much of what has come to pass, I was thinking on these temples. They are nuptial temples, they were build and extracted all around the nation for the express purpose of the youngest espousal teens. Their prom night of promise, used that is for all the young graduating teens fiancée and financier both off to a night of exciting assurety and matrimonial bliss, only not this night.
-This night instead a group of homegrown terrorist, T-KAMB has set bombs for killing throughout each of these twelve temples and hundreds even thousands of young and glad with intentions to wed, and spend their lives accordingly are dead or dying. In all comparison I was again reading over this, the suspiciousness of these temples, and how they at present remind me of the Islamic temples being debated across the land, this Sharia law. Just as soon I contemplated the end-time Millennial temple, the one prophesied by the prophet Ezekiel beginning in the 40th chapter of the book bearing his name.
-Those of you who read behind me particularly the decade last know my interest in this particular prophet above them all. How it was only eighteen years ago on a visitation to heaven this prophet in particular was chosen to show and open to me three doors into what the Apostle Paul described as the paradise of God. You see what had been shown to the prophets of old, to various of the Apostles of Jesus Christ and had for thousands of years been sealed. As so Jesus Christ crying aloud about the time of New Jerusalem’s coming, how not even the angel of heaven, or himself knew.
-That these things had again been sealed, now sixty plus years beyond this blessed Christ’s ascension it would, all of it be revealed. This is what Jesus mean when he described to the Apostle John the beloved, how the time was at hand, that which Daniel was to seal, John the revelator by Jesus’ grace would reveal. Jesus wasn’t talking about the fulfillment was at hand, but the time of reveal, of revelation, truly when you try and make what Jesus said then. As this was before his crucifixion and resurrection valid today, how he was unknowing. It would stand to reason you’re saying some two thousand years plus has passed the resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ and he’s yet oblivious of God’s coming Kingdom.
-Apparently, the book of revelation is proof not only does this blessed Christ know, but it is given to those chosen as such to as well know and reveal that they know. At any rate being reminded of how I drafted these temples in my make believe work, they all having what would be described today as Muslim names, titles or identities, I went to investigate of Ezekiel’s prophecies and what many describe as the millennial temple. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to get into studying this part of this prophet’s book but to no prevail.
-Although now, my eldest son at my request purchasing for me, for my December last birthday the Jimmy Swaggart Expositor’s Bible and seeing I’d not as yet put it to practice or use. Of course I thought this would be a good time, so I ran up stairs, I grab the bible, it’s big, it’s heavy, it smell so new. I cuddled into a nice place on the bed, I open this special bible to Ezekiel the 40th chapter and began reading. This part of the scripture is here titled chapter 40, 574 BC, Ezekiel’s Vision of the temple, (The Millennial Sanctuary). ‘In the five and twentieth year of our captivity, in the beginning of the year, in the tenth day of the month, in the fourteenth year after that the city was smitten, in the selfsame day, the hand of the Lord was upon me, and brought me thither.
-(JSM Expositor write, (“In the five and twentieth year of our captivity,” concerns itself with the first invasion of Jerusalem by Babylon, which occurred in 605 BC. During the invasion, the city was partly destroyed and many of the people were carried away captive. The city was further desolated in 597 BC. and finally burn and desolated in 586 BC. JSM… Of course I paused as I was striken with an awareness, a revelation knowledge none before, this 25th year, this year of 586 all bore striking remembrance to things I’d both see, heard and realized at God’s reign perseverance indeed an end for the kingdom’s of men hath come.
Come And Follow Me
-It was just last month or so the spouse and I went to visit the exact place I was, where I was standing when I saw the Christ Lord in the heavens. When he reached out his arms to me, commissioning me three equal times to come, it being the Spring of 1986. This spring at present, this one making itself the most deadly has made it exactly twenty-five years. Thus imagine my shock when I read this commentary, the year of 586, how Jerusalem demise had been some twenty-five years of Ezekiel’s prophecy.
-I know what you’re asking for an end vastly and fasten upon us what could this all mean and why?” You see, not only is this spring this twenty-fifth year of anniversary but according to Dr Camping, Camping Caravan predicting the end by this may 21st. I’m to learn how it is this spring, this 25th anniversary marks the 7000th year anniversary of Noah’s flood, all coincidental right? Actually too coincidental not to be divine intervention, hence I kept looking at this date, for the prophet Ezekiel it was 586, for me it was 1986. The Christ Lord would eventually show him the Millennial temple, sanctuary when seven years later this identical prophet would open and reveal to this apostle three very specific doors in God’s temple.
-Although I didn’t know it or realize it then, what I was seeing that spring of 1986 was a demonstration of the first resurrection of saints, unto the fulfillment of the church age. Evenly this was those who would soon occupy the very Millennial sanctuary given as a revelation to the prophet Ezekiel some two thousand five hundred years prior. Just as I asked, that you asked, what did all of this mean, could this be why the heaven found it good reason to again appoint an Apostle of Jesus Christ into the affairs of men? No one could accept my testimony, no one could or would believe my report, the Apostles of Jesus Christ, this very foundation of Christ’s church, rocks of ages, had all come and ascended on high, honestly who is Apostle Patricia Bradford, who would believe her report?

Destroy This Temple

-Plainly here I was, and there Jesus was as plain as the sky above and the glowing sun therein was he choosing me and thus commissioning me to come, as in follow him. There was nothing new to tell me, there was nothing new to show me, there wasn’t a new revelation, or prophecy, truly what could I add or offer if there is indeed as King Solomon hath declared, there’s nothing new under the sun? A great message came from seeing the Lord Father with his back to his people that day, abruptly the Holy Spirits would give me a message from the then famed scripture II Chronicle 7:14, 15, crying aloud, sparing not, “IF MY PEOPLE!”
-Imagine that all things which had gone before Christ’s cross, and all that’d gone after his cross, and that existing now because of his cross was all with purpose that the Supreme father is to get one message across to the first Adam’s lineage, citing continuously “If My People. I’m only remembering it right now, and possibly this is why the Holy Spirit is to bring this particular event to my memory but if I’m not mistaking. Remarkably this response from God through King Solomon as recorded here in this very scripture is also regarding a temple, a temple that had taken seven years to build and was now being dedicated to the Supreme Father, as the glory of the Lord would fill this place.
-This was at one time King Zerubbabel’s temple, replacing Solomon Temple which was destroyed in 586 BC when the Jewish nation was exiled to Babylon. It is that which would in Jesus’ day be Herods’ temple, (“destroy this temple and in three days it shall be rebuild”). This so desolate place now entombs a temple of two warring parties, of conflict and mourning, Islam’s Dome of the rock unto Jerusalem wailing wall. Thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ entering into the Holy of Holies and offering as a fulfillment of Solomon’s grand presentation, not the blood of goats, or rams, or lambs but by his own blood, this lamb of God unto mankind would gain reconciliation unto us all. Of course now each individual person that is to realize and call on Jesus blood as Lord is to themselves. Their bodies, mind and heart is to all be transformed into a temple of God.
-Miraculously into a tabernacle of dwelling of God’s Holy Spirit, making them as well holy and acceptable unto the Lord Father for all time to come, truly without controversy God changes not. Herein I wouldn’t be forthcoming if I attest to the fact I’ve spent a lot of time trying to prove to people the authenticity of this claim as I am chosen of Christ himself, an Apostle unto the fulfillment of end time prophecy. I’ve spent no tell at all trying to prove something only Holy Lords themselves can and have for the last twenty-five years done, how they’re to set up the members of Christ’s Body, the church, as it hath pleased them. No, I’ve instead spend this time given me to remind you the kingdoms of men have as always intended become the Kingdom’s of God, and his Christ and they and not the wealth of the wicked of this world shall reign forever.

And A Clock Ticked Under Him

-Now as though everything from that moment of seeing this Christ Lord in the heavens, or having this prophet some seven years later reveal to me what I saw that day. Seemingly Jesus three times commissioning me to come, the prophet Ezekiel seven years later, 1993, opening three doors in heaven to me. Evidently a look unto the preparation of the end time harvest and it’s Holy Lord crying aloud, sparing not to the masses coming before this glorious throne, “be ye washed, be ye cleansed. Just as so the winepress, wrath of God as well crying, truly Christ Lord thrust in thy sickle and reap, for the time hath come for you to reap, for the harvest is ripe. Faithfully, because of the fullness of time concerning these valued revelation hath come and who beside’s the redeemed shall be able to stand?
-The year 586 BC would mark the end for Ezekiel’s Jerusalem, and here Holy Spirits were showing me how the year 1986 AD, would mark not only the end of the church age unto the tribulation saints, but nation building. This remind me while sitting out doors a couple of weeks ago, the ministries of the gospel came up me and without hesitation I explained to my husband. The conversation was about outreach when I declared how the ministering of gospel (the testimonials of Jesus Christ) would now turn from being the responsibility of the church bride to being the responsibility of the tribulation saints. I want you to pause for a moment and reflect on what was said, why it was said, and with a timing, a precision so divine. Unavoidably never before has the first resurrection of saints been so apprehensive with complete fulfillment after its human heir so beloved.
-Now as I suspect all the more this astonishing day it was as though all things, all biblical dispensations that had gone before June 1986 was now climaxing into the most unthinkable event that’s to happen since Moses and the crossing of the red sea. Respectfully it wasn’t this extraordinary fulfillment but becoming a testament and hence blessed hope to millions, this unthinkable demonstration of God’s grace wholeheartedly extended. Was it as so all rewinding itself back not only to Ezekiel’s revelations concerning this Millennial temple, though to the prophet Daniel’s prophecies concerning the 70th week of years, seven years.
-Sixty-nine of which had been fulfillment pausing this amazing grace and divine time table at Jesus Crucifixion of which this apostle believe as of this year of 2011 we’ve now entered into, yes, we, the church bride has momentarily entered into the last seven years of the church and mankind’ s age. This truth is again demonstrated and displayed under the death rider, a clock of years ticking not forward but backward. One seeming to both begin and end with a sixtieth year, the 69th year of Daniel’s 70 weeks of years, no doubt. It is here as I’ve said just recently the heavenly throne of God is severely pregnant and unto much labor regarding this final week of years.
-Continually with time winning back to not only the final fall of Israel, of Jerusalem, but of world nations, as the kingdom of men is to become the kingdoms of God proposed for many millennial. It’s as though, and I hope you get this most of all, it’s as though the last twenty-five years has existed only to be a final witness of Christ’s cross of redemption unto synchronizing all nations that’s to be in line for the fulfillment of end-time prophecy as it’s great day of fulfillment is come. Now enters the archangel Gabriel 2004, one citing to this apostle how the fulfillment of all things is upon mankind, as so something about she’s going or coming with the seventh angel.

If my people (for God So Loved The World), which are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray and seek thy face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear them from heaven, forgive their sins and heal their lands, (Christ Millennial reign).

Only then will my eyes be open, only then will my ears attend to the prayer made in this place…God II Chronicles 7:14, 15

The Rider

-I’m trying to make this post as short as possible, and as of 04/29/2011 this is an insert, I have to say something about all the death an outbreak of tornadoes has caused especially to the southern part of the country, over 300 people, a literal one day death toll with Hundreds still missing. I know this ministry only days prior from a repost entitled Prediction, predicted these manners of disasters would continue and the only good that could come from it would be repentance and reconciliation unto and by Christ Jesus Cross.
-This insurmountable lost of life, put this Apostle in memory of the first ever vision I had, probably around the year 1986, 87. The church I was attending was going through, well by the world’s standard it was suffering mightily. So much so the pastor called on a time of fasting and prayer meeting that we were to seek God’s will for his people and for this assembly. Truly people this is why the alter by Christ’s blood, thus the one of salvation, of repentance and reconciliation exist, that we’re to humbly get ourselves back to our first love, even creation, the Supreme God of us all.
-Of course the mounting trials and tribulations that was happening to the church was to bring them, us to restoration, not desecration, these trials again were a time of reflection. That we’re to stand still and hear the Lord father and his perfect plan, his perfect will for not only this life so temporal, but for the eternal throne of God to come. This single Lord of lords whose foundation and root, even it’s enduring anchor is the blood of the Lamb of God Jesus Christ. Let me say it this way, if Satan is the prince of this world, and all that is in the world is the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye and the pride of life, which isn’t of God but of the world.
-Howbeit that any friend of the world is an enemy of God, how to avoid becoming a victim of this dainty treasure, these damning elements Jesus admonish us how we’re to instead set up our treasures in heaven, for where a man treasures are, there is also his heart. Thus when the temporal by these perpetual disasters, after disaster fail us, our heart’s desire won’t as well fail us. One as usual cursing the world’s worshippers to a barrage of stress and pain, though are we instead reminded how this world isn’t at all our home but a clever delusions even doctrine of Satanic and demonic intention that we, mankind is continually a fall whose reward is eternal damnation.
-By Christ bloody cross, if the dead who die in this astonishing Lord is all the more blessed, what about the dead who die refusing this Lord Christ unto the salvation of the souls of men? A time of reflection mean you’re to finally see, to comprehend you by your immortal soul, by placing it in insurmountable danger and detriment forfeit the eternal by worshipping the temporal. This is what the burning church of the early eighties was about, everything man was to construct and by disasters reconstruct was fit for nothing but to be burn. This is what God was forewarning Jerusalem of by the prophet Ezekiel, describing to them how they, Jerusalem like the pine tree, the limbs weren’t even fit for firewood.
-Though they by their disobedience had incurred God’s judgment had they become too worthless and too unworthy to burn in the fires of God’s wrath. Just imagined this if you will, judgment by fire is the greatest of Judgment ever, it’s the main manner of judgment that will bring Mystery Babylon to her end. Even if the majority of Jerusalem had burn and under Ezekiel’s day would again burn God found them completely unworthy and undeserving of even this greatest judgment of all. For gold to be purged by fire is heartening but is it as well meet with restoration, with purity and brilliance, by these massing, firing stoves it is simply made flawless. Clearly Jerusalem wasn’t compared to gold needing the refiner’s fire, to be purged in all likeness but pine leaves of no value whatsoever, even to burn them is of no value atoll.
-The mass majority of this world since the first prophet have been reminded of God’s mercy, little are they by the assembly of the religious order reminded of God’s wrath. This is most of all sad and very dangerous, especially in these end-time, because not only are we speaking of Satan’s final attempt to destroy the holy people. The testimony of Jesus Christ from the earth, but God by a wrath literally indescribable will target the wicked (unbelievers, unrepentant, and apostate), whereas millions will perish, most for all eternity, opening up their eyes in hell. This is the forewarning by God’s throne that goes on relentlessly across this entire earth, a reminder of why such great sacrifices of flesh and blood has been endured, truly that non perish, but all come to the saving grace of Christ’s cross.
-Just as so what just happen to Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia only naming a few is nothing in comparison to what’s coming. I’ve been telling and thus forewarning for twenty five years now to the people in this board how there is a triple threat set especially against America’s soil, Damater (mother earth, natural disasters), NEO’s (The Father, the wine press, wrath of God), and the man of prediction (wars on America’s soil). This judgment of the four sores, is so set into play all you can possibly hear now is a strong voice. One as of the book of revelation crying aloud, sparing not, “come out of her my people, (repentance unto salvation) that you be not partakers of her sins, that you receive not of her plagues, he that hath an ear let him her, what the spirit saith unto the churches.

That you be aware, that you be born again, that you know an Apostle of Jesus Christ is among you. As to pluck Ambers from the burning, take heed that no man deceive you, Apb, The Rising Above Ministry (RAM).

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A Voice Declaring:
Babylon Is Falling, the fall of Mystery Babylon, of the entire present age of mankind on the map 03/27/2011 (see Revelation 17, 18th chapters
There’s something about turbulent or tornadic manners of travel both on land and on sea, of being separate of or lost of loved ones, turbulent manners of disasters continuously on the map 03/27/2011
There's something about an invasion, one on American soil, about all preparing for war, for battle, a dangerous fall of peace and safety continuously on the map 06/20/2005, 07/12/2006, 08/15/2007, 10/03/2008, 10/12/2008, 01/09/2010

For Salvation Pray:

I’m sorry Lord God, forgive me for my sins, wash me and cleanse me and then, by Jesus Christ receive me into thy glory again.
Listening to: John Starnes, Forever The Son Is Gonna Reign
Hurry Lord Christ, Prince Of Peace, and get us the Victory
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Monday, April 11, 2011

The Sun Of God

A Voice Declaring: Babylon Is Falling, the fall of Mystery Babylon, of the entire present age of mankind on the map 03/27/2011 (see Revelation 17, 18th chapters
There’s something about turbulent or tornadic manners of travel both on land and on sea, of being separate of or lost of loved ones, turbulent manners of disasters continuously on the map 03/27/2011

From, A Painting In The Dark, The Lamb Blood Of Life 04/09//2011
Light hath come, but men love darkness rather than light, for their deeds are evil..JCON

-I was watching an episode of Frances (Frances Swaggart, SBN) And Friends just last week and the week before whereas she was interviewing. As a guess doing these two viewing was one Warren Smith, the author of a truly tell all book about the occult pretending to be Christ Jesus the Lord, the book entitled The Light That was Dark. At Frances testimonial it’s an amazing work regarding how Satan himself truly comes as an angel of light. All with saintly like advocates all pretending to be God’s people’s friend and confidant, even their deliverance when since the first Adam’s deception. This thieving lie arriving on the precipitation of truth has proven to be mankind’s detriment, it is unendingly that way, that Broadway actively traveled that always seem right unto man but the end thereof is this system, this pathogen of death with great judgment following.
-The root of the new age teaching that hasn’t come into the church suddenly as to be abruptly noticed, but has creep in unaware, unnoticeably a clever illusionist is it all. Teaching for doctrine for literally two decades this dwindling age of mankind that all mankind is of God, that they’re thus of God manifested in the flesh (Jesus) and herein all are redeemed accordingly. Now here this and comprehend it well, although all mankind is God’s creation, meaning of His creation of man, and although they’re then as well of the first Adam’s lineage, condemned I may add. It’s not as straightforward that he’s to be of any relations to the second Adam whatsoever, this unspotted blood lineage. That although the second Adam is God’s salvation for mankind, the bloody cross it would become because of the first Adam’s fall, because of mankind’s refusal to repent, isn’t every man’s Savior.
-You see God in the beginning separated Satan’s seed, the first Adam’s lineage from the woman seed before he created the second Adam, where those who are Christ’s and fellow heir with mankind. They are Christ Jesus’ by a pure blood adoption of the Lamb of God made bloodied accordingly and their total belief and testimonial of Jesus Christ therewith. It is here this divine work of the cross, this blessed one is seen as a Lamb of God, for mankind entering into the Holy of Holies and offering up as a blood atonement against mankind’s blood guiltiness and iniquitous ways. Though this is mankind’s manner of reconciliation with God, his glory once again restored, this is not all mankind’s birth upon blood lineage but his rebirth. Meta-phorically speaking this would be Jesus crying aloud, sparing not ye must be born again. How he alone, this second Adam, separated of the first Adam’s cursed lineage, is the way, truth and the life, no man cometh unto the father except by Him, this bloody Lamb, adoption of God.
-This is what the scripture mean when God declared to Satan posing as a bringer of truth, an alternate choice, I will put enmity between thee and the woman. Just as so, between thy seed and her seed, it shall bruise thy head, thou shall bruise his heel. Easily and get this, if you’re to never again get anything divine, Holy and True, get this. Satan’s seed is the first Adam, mankind original blood lineage, cursed to both hell and death, the second death. The only, single, Woman’s seed, is the second Adam, as God the Holy Spirit would bring forth His Son made of a woman, meaning it would be surrogated by the woman’s seed ( womb). In the meantime made under the law, (fashioned unlike the letter that killed), that He might redeem those who were under the law (bond by doctrines of men, of devils): that they might receive the adoption of sons.
-Hence and forth because mankind has a kinship in creation, in blood, an akin death and curse, and though there is a redemption for mankind to take part in, of honestly these truths are no longer of God’s Kingdom valid. Not until repentance is made of the first now cursed blood lineage, plainly, only as confessions of iniquity and crimes of blood against God is whole-heartedly actualized. Consistent with the living word, without repentance, meaning only as man realize he is from his mother’s womb sin and by Christ’s bloody cross repent can there be a reconciliation of God with this man. This would be this only Lord sighting you must be born again, this truth is the answer to Nicodemus’ one million dollar question, how can a man be reborn? This is the question all followers of well to do leaders need ask, if you don’t honor, obey and worship Christ’s bloody cross. Can you then enter into your mother’s womb a second time and be reborn? Of course if you could, be reborn of this first mother’s womb that is, reborn also would be the curse continuously, thus is the faith of all unrepentant mankind.
-You see mankind and this is what kept coming to mind when they talked of this New Age gospel, one with a powerful than America, than the entire free world, religious and political world, catalyst Oprah Winfrey. Just as so when they kept verifying how New Age thinkers taught or believed since God was in all things. That if this is so, He is then in all mankind and thus so was his Christ, not the bloody Christ, but a more modern, comprehensible Christ Jesus. Admittedly I said to myself, yeah, though mankind is God’s creation, and by this scriptural fact they’re all akin let us not forget mankind felled away from God. He felled away from His glory, even from the womb to go on for thousands of years to worship another. In other words cast out Christ’s bloody cross and mankind regardless of the smoke and mirrors, regardless of this new fangled, angled gospel, and the celebrity types promoting and endorsing it, mankind cursed faith (lineage), yet remain.

Here Thee A Shepherd’s Song 02/16/2010
Master Disasters And Invasions In The Links Prophecy

- Seen to be hearing a horn blaring aloud, so loud that it awaken me right from sleep. So loud I thought surely I would have some hearing lost in my left ear, horns, bells and sirens of alert and pending danger on the map 01/04/2010 See Haiti Earthquake
-Seen to be burying our children why they’re yet alive, seen to be looking at them, and they looking at us, but we’re still working profusely to bury them alive. A strange form of death and dying, especially regarding children, on the map 01/10/2010 See Haiti Earthquake

A Light To My Feet, A Lamp To My Path

-I looked into a dream some years ago, to be honest in only moments as to turn one’s head from one point to another. To be sincere just as suddenly I found myself in outer darkness, one second I was sleeping comfortably in my bed and next second this black void. It was terrifying not so much because it was dark, black actually, though there was this soul, mind and heart provoking stillness and void. I’m telling you mankind take for granted how their world is at times rushed off your feet with sounds. That mankind depend on these sounds for life, for clarity for a belonging and assurance, though all around me was nothing but this black stillness, this greatly and gravely to consume void where I sat helpless to bring myself again. Soon one approached me, hand out his hand toward me where I came to my feet and began to follow Him.
-That just as I followed Him, a light in the shape of my feet came under each step I made, that when I made a step there was this light in shape of a foot print and then soon, gradually there was light all around me. This would be King David crying aloud how God’s word is to be a light to his feet, and as so a lamp to his path. Though not only was there this amazing luminosity, that no man could on his own approach unto, you’re to remember I was trapped in this sinister cavity with no way out. Though in this miraculous radiance line upon line, precept upon precept, were voices and testaments, words and revelation. So much so, I said to myself, I’m walking in revelation, the same one spoken by John the revelator and this enormous keepsake passed from me.
-Of course I always acquainted this swift to confiscate me black void as something mankind rebellious, prudent and stiff-neck. Truthfully, I considered it as a dark place his refusal of the Supreme Father caused him to wonder into, terrifyingly, this blacken abyss. Even though only recently as a couple of days ago I realize this is the black void all mankind is actually born into. This is why the bloody Lamb of God described mankind as those having eyes, but they can’t see, as those having ears but they can’t hear. Just as well as those having a heart but it’s waxed grossed, hard as stone. Though not only so but is mankind possessed with a fear, an unprecedented manner of terror, even phobia until they stumble unendingly at saving their lives only to ruin not only their lives. Reduce to rubble as well is what is destined by Christ’s cross to be eternal life for all who will believe (repent), they worship the temporal, this present damned world, at forfeiting the eternal, the Kingdom of God that’s to reign forever.
-As a result whenever you follow the first Adam, whenever you follow those of the first cursed lineage, not only is there this blind leader as all first Adams are born blind, deaf and dumb, though without divine comprehension, are they blind followers. This is what Jesus mean when he declare except a man be born again, throwing off the cursed yoke of the first Adam, by release, belief and a blood redemption, reconciliation, putting on the second Adam. Unless or until they do they can’t comprehend the kingdom of God, they can’t be relieved of the blacken abyss that is even mankind’s heart. Mankind is again born into a shadowy, mind and soul stripping hollowness, blind, without natural affections this is why every path, every decision making, every great or small discovery, it’s all plagued with pending horrors, anguish and death, unto the second death (great white throne judgment).

If we say we have fellowship with Him, and walk in the darkness, we lie and do not the truth. But if we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus Christ, His Son, cleanses us from all sin. If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. If we say we have not sinned, we make Him a liar and His word (righteousness) is not in us I John 1:6-10

The Sun Of God

-Since my grandson Caden turn six months he’s been raising his hand to worship the light just above his head, giving reverence. We didn’t notice it right off, but soon it became obvious how he would suddenly, miraculously raise his eyes, his hand to give specific worship to the light shinning down upon him from above. Though it was an artificial light of life, this creation and temporal daylight of man, was he, was there something in his heart soul longing to give worship to an insubstantial glory of an eternal One, even a way out of the birth upon gloominess and shadows. I remember standing in the living room this day when I told his mother Ca, Ca, his nickname, how he’s worshipping the light and soon she saw it for herself and thought it was so precious and so funny. Although this light this six month old baby beacons to and pay honor to isn’t the light of Life, eternal life, he by a divine force realize he’s in the dark and only light alone (Christ Jesus the Lord), deserve his upmost observance and adoration.
-This is where mankind no doubt have to be careful as most that is Satanic and Demonic comes as an angel of light, again we have to be cautious that we’re are not deceived forthwith. The light of life and immortality with the Supreme Heavenly host isn’t of this world, nor is he of the things of this world. His gospel alone being one of forgiveness and unconditional love, is alone, unforeseen, it is to lose this life, to find immortality, Of course the way of the world is to save this life, this non-natural mortgage forfeiting eternity, this is mankind always finding himself only to by a simulated truth lose himself over again continuously. Henceforth when this sinless substitute Jesus arrived on the scene, this wilderness of sin, all first Adams offered this blessed one the light of the world that is actually a black annulment of godliness. When he instead offered them the light of life, eternal life no man unrepentant, unredeemed and unclean can approach unto.
-This is why Jesus Christ taught us how we’re to comprehend a righteous tree by the fruit that it bears, this is why saved people who are not of this world, but are by Holy Spirits sanctified there upon are by this world standards thought to be peculiar. It is the purpose of Jesus teaching the born again saints how the world would hate them because they’re not of the world. The blood purchase of Jesus Cross are no longer their own, how they’re instead by a divine lineage crying out to belong to this Holy Lord of Israel. It is he that has abandoned this first creation and curse unto the new blood adoption and heir campaign whereas those climbing up any other way are thieves and robbers meant only to be cast into the outer darkness upon which their hearts of stone have forfeited mankind’s single victory, Jesus The Christ, Lord.

The Life and Light Of The World

-The Apostle Paul forewarn the Galatians in his day how though he or an angel from heaven come preaching any other gospel (Jesus Christ and him crucified), to them. One other than the one already preached (again Jesus Christ and him crucified) let this person, this new gospel, doctrine be a curse. This is where you again have to realize this is why this New Age gospel has with it its own manner of Jesus, or Christ. It is this fake type that it’s to again allude you into thinking it’s ordain of the original gospel of Jesus Christ. I tell you the more I heard Frances and Warren unveil this lie, the more I realized this New Age work that has been gravely pushed on God’s people the last twenty plus years.
-How this faith- looter on the premise of wise, celebrity like, even godly men and woman is nothing but a Satanic and demonic manner of preparing those unrepentant of Christ’s bloody cross. Easily they’re being made ready to receive the end time anti Christ, that this New Age gospel and it’s various advocates especially promoted by some of the most trusted leaders in this nation and this world, how it’s nothing but a forged type of John the Baptist (false prophet) paving and preparing the way unto a new way maker namely the man of prediction, the anti-Christ.
-Of course now Caden is nearly two years old and since he has been surrounded by astronomical manners of the Holy Spirit and spiritual music reaching unto in immortal life. Well to make it plain he now worship the light of life and immortality, plainly like his Marmar (grandmar), he’s head over hills in love with Jesus Christ. He’s lovingly being trained up in the way, the only way, life and truth, that when a stumbling block is cast he will in no wise stray away from it. He was born to summoned a light, though be it the light of this world which is in totality darkness, he was thus worshipping a Broadway, path of illusions, giving into illusions that he could never in a million years free himself from. Though now enters the light of Life, the very one with purpose to lead us from this birth upon darkness, this lineage of delusions and illusions Jesus Christ. No doubt this is why this Holy Lord, Lamb for mankind admonish us not only to suffer the children (deny them the world) and bring them to Him, as well are we, the overseer should have faith (trust, obedience) as a child.

I have come in my father’s name (The God Of Heaven), and me you have not received, another (an alternate Christ) shall come in his own name (not honoring the God of his fathers) and him shall ye receive JCON…

-In conclusion, as not to argue this point anymore, it was when Jesus made the astonishing commission of all, and where the faith of all things was brought to a grinding, screeching halt. Of course it was when he looked at all the hatred, all the mockery and rebellion, all the violence and deadly plots and made the statement “except you eat of my flesh and drink of my blood you shall in no wise enter into the kingdom of God.” It wasn’t so much that these corrupt leaders and men didn’t understand what he said, it was the overall implication of what he said. Accurately the earth, the heavens, the universe trembled, because no longer was Jesus claiming he was the son of God, he was in all essence claiming He was God. Talk about an astronomical separation of the wheat, (The Righteous, and the Tares, the unrighteous), here indeed was abruptly this heaven to earth display of no exception, you was either a flesh to blood eater of the Christ’s Lord Jesus or you was damned.
-Though what was this Christ speaking of? This one they’d with a monstrous evil hated and despised, the one they’d mocked, and ridiculed, the one they’d heartedly and mentally plotted to maim and kill. Painstakingly, unmistakably he wasn’t describing to them how he was a door, but how he was the door, that they could in or by no other wisdom of man enter therein, repent or perish. Apparently this is why Jesus always silenced the demons with reason to speak of his deity, it wasn’t that they were to unveil to the world he was the son of God, but that he was actually God. That the God of all creation, of the earth, the heavens, the universe and beyond, now walked as flesh and blood with man, not only a divine relationship but a personal friend. Even a sacrificial potentate as He’d come to die as sin, to put away the curse of sin for all who would believe and therewith receive, returning them to their first ever love who first loved them.
-This is what he meant when he described to the disciples that when they laid eyes upon him, they laid eyes upon God, this is what the Apostle Paul was describing to his son in the faith Timothy, how great is the mystery of godliness. That without controversy God was manifested in the flesh, justified in the spirit, seen of angels, preached unto Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory. Clearly this beyond heaven and earth remark and this remark alone is when the religious leaders knew without a doubt the only way to silence him, to bruise his precise heel would be to kill him. Truly those coming after him to be of him and learn of him where to digest completely, wholeheartedly this righteous Lord would be the cornerstone of Christ’s cross, the one beacon cry of Holy Spirits given to the children of the darkness and disobedience.
-As I said, when Jesus made this extraordinary statement, this inconceivable claim, it was here the religious leaders would eventually vote in block how it was reasonable one man should suffer for the salvation of the masses, in other words they would have to kill this Christ Lord. Their walking in darkness, their being men of the darkness, not accepting this light of life (Jesus' cross), light hath come. They didn't know, nor could they realize how killing Jesus (the lamb of God, Man) would do nothing but seal for all eternity in righteous blood what he'd only moments earlier alleged. He, this Christ Lord, the sacrificial blood he would become, by this blood sacrifice would be created the only, single passage way. This narrow way few travel to this Holy Lord, His Kingdom coming, where those climbing up some alternate way are considered thieves and robbers (a transgression, an abomination). Just as so they were to repent of the birth upon dark hearts deceiving them so or they would by a second death (judgment of God) perish. Hear This Christ Lord when he say "Ye Must Be Born Again."
-Those yet believing the identical lie Lucifer told their first parents, evenly telling them for what has become a world religion and New Age gospel. In fact not only wouldn’t they die, but they would become as God, knowing good and evil, this special couple not realizing their God given glory was in their obedience. To be totally sincere for sure mankind must know by now this was all a lie, as so all those coming unto them preaching a gospel other than redemption by the pure blood of Jesus’ cross. This was God, His way of keeping a promise and commending his love toward mankind Christ cross was mandated by God for this purpose. Markedly those more like their father Satan at denying the power thereof are lying murders set to be cast into the great lake of fire. Clearly and without exception unless you eat this Supreme Christ of all Christ flesh, (the word of God,) and drink his blood, (take of this blood redemption) you shall in no wise (by no other means, Christ, lord or philosophy) enter into the Kingdom of God.
-Although some of these prized leaders like Nicodemus of Jesus day must have been sincere there being the children of the darkness of this world and thus being deceived. Though what they teach being intently by Satan rooted and grounded in the doctrines of devils is industriously trying to steal, kill and destroy the entirety of mankind. Earnestly from the word of God forward let no man deceive you, you must be born again, it is this way, or this is the way as God’s Kingdom is Holy, unto a New Jerusalem. Holy unto a new earth and mankind, flesh and blood, the first lineage of mankind having fallen as such, from God’s glory cannot then inherit God’s Kingdom. Graciously and with a heart so content you must get this, you’re talking about a God who is not willing that any man perish, this is why he came, why he ministered, why he suffered mankind’s original faith. This isn’t only why he died (was crucified, it’s as well why he rose, he rose that he would in forty days hence lead all that would again overcome man this stumbling block of offense captive, if there is any man, let him come.

That you be aware, that you be born again, that you know an Apostle of Jesus Christ is among you. As to pluck Ambers from the burning, take heed that no man deceive you, Apb, The Rising Above Ministry (RAM).

Prophecy Link

-There's something about Jeremiah 37:8, the forewarning scripture of Jeremiah 37:8, the insurgence stronghold is again on the map...1998, 2004, 2010...
-There's something about an invasion, one on American soil, about all preparing for war, for battle, a dangerous fall of peace and safety continuously on the map 06/20/2005, 07/12/2006, 08/15/2007, 10/03/2008, 10/12/2008, 01/09/2010
-Seen to be seeing readied, alert and now fleeing for their lives, for their children lives stampeding people on the map. Seen to be seeing those left behind getting a sharp, painful very large syringe to the chest, the heart, ending up nothing but a brown paper Mache on the refrigerator, beware 03/27/2009

For Salvation Pray:

I’m sorry Lord God, forgive me for my sins, wash me and cleanse me and then, by Jesus Christ receive me into thy glory again.

Selah: I Have Decided

Hurry Lord Christ, Prince Of Peace, and get us the Victory

A Ministry Above